Ron Argo



Crime Thriller

  Now comes vengeance for a childhood of unspeakable evil.

  Janice Parrish, does not remember shooting her father at pointblank range. At age 26 Janice cannot keep friends. She's frigid, she's rebellious, she drinks too much. An up-and-coming real estate agent, she's losing clients. Finally Janice committes a crime for which she can either go to jail or in to counseling.

  Enter therapist Patricia Zeck and Janice's nightmare begins in earnest.

  Zech determines she has all the "signs" of having been sexually abused in early childhood. But why couldn't Janice remember something as awful as that?

  San Diego crime reporter Ray Myers has more than a gut feeling he should avoid this story, which no reporter worth his mettle could do. But finally, it will be Myers alone who must find the truth--before more murders take place including his own.


Southern Gothic, Historical fiction

   In 1960 Alabama, Jim Crow laws were strong as ever in a town run by corrupt officials and a powerful Klan. In this incendiary climate a white doctor tries to save a community of blacks brutalized for decades and now facing a toxic holocaust from the nearby chemical plant.

    The determined young doctor pushes bloodily through one physical or emotional encounter into others for a cause grown much bigger than itself and him until, in the end....

   Segregation, corruption and hate are the driving forces in The Sum of His Worth, a tragic tale in the voice of an adventurous, sympathetic youth. This is a heartwarming, stunning story running on almost pure adrenaline.


  The heat suffocation of six campesinos in the California desert was tragic enough before reporter Ray Myers discovers babies had crossed the border with them, babies now missing. The trail to find them hurls the reporter into the dangerous world of international human trafficking.

  The smuggling gang becomes crippled in chaos as mastermind Ricky Mendez devises a psychotic plan to snuff everyone related to the smuggling operation, including now a pesky reporter who keeps sniffing in the wrong places.

  Myers, along with softhearted smuggler Maggie Frazier, find themselves on the run from Mendez’ henchmen while trying to rescue the babies from a ruthless Mexican trafficker who has hijacked the children. It’s a race against time that drives them deep into Baja’s Indian country and through the seamy back streets of Ensenada.
Historical War Fiction

  A wartime drama of friendship and betrayal. Set in Vietnam during the decisive Tet offensive, the story takes us on a perilous Heart of Darkness journey through a war we only thought we knew.

   The CIA has ordered Specialist Russell Payne to befriend and rat on Corporal Daryll Willingham as part of a secret operation that, no matter how sinister, cannot boost or sustain an unpopular war. The two troops are forced into an unwitting odyssey through hell -- and into a court-martial for murder.

 Originally published by Simon & Schuster, 382 pp


Many American writers and artists hang out in San Miguel de Allende. I was there with Vance Bourjaily with our wives some years ago and went again last year.

Mary and me after I sold my first novel in 1988

Ron Argo (that's me using the 3rd person for the bio) was born in Alabama about the time of WWII got in full swing. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1968 with a degree in Journalism, and soon after fought it but was drafted into the army and sent to Vietnam. With his degree in Journalism, he lucked into reporting, some on the Stars & Stripes, instead of humping.
After seven years as a newspaper reporter, he returned to university and received his M.A. from San Diego State University in 1980, then went for his MFA at Arizona, 1983. He got married for the second time during those sheltered days in academia. It took him a lunar year (a dozen years) in the writing of his sweeping, complex war novel, YEAR OF THE MONKEY, disposing of several huge sections that weren't working but might well serve as novels in themselves. He is a recipient of Sigma Delta Chi's journalism award for investigative reporting and is a prize-winning photographer.
Argo is the author of three other novels, including THE SUM OF HIS WORTH, an historical novel set in the South in 1960, and THE COURAGE TO KILL on childhood sexual abuse, and BABY LOVE, an adventure of baby smuggling through the Baja-San Diego corridor.
He has been a carpenter, plumber, college instructor in writing, song writer and poet, and has renovated and restored several old houses to make ends meet. He lives with his wife Mary in San Diego and has two daugthers both of whom have fled the nest. Right now he is at work on another book.

I'm in grad school here living in an historical house for cheap that I modeled Myers' old house after in Baby Love. My M.A. thesis, brilliantly cliched The Metamorphosis of Harry Payne, eventually turned into .

My mugshot when I worked for the San Diego Union in the late '70s.

And finally this is the kid (me) I modeled Sonny Poe after in The Sum of His Worth.

Medals of my stepfather H. James "Jim" Hunter, an army Ranger who was declared KIA not once, not twice, but three times fighting the Japanese in the Pacific islands in 1944-45. Jim went on to marry my mother in 1962 and live a fruitful life. He died in 1993. My mother tried to make it to the century mark but could not. She died at 96 yrs old.

With my pal Gary I. after a little sport fishing at the Red Sails in San Diego for lunch

Lisa now in the regional law enforcement academy in San Diego.