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Tumult, bloodletting in 1950s Alabama


The prize-winning author goes back to his childhood in supremacist Alabama in this “heartbreakingly real” novel of life during the tumultuous Civil Rights era. Working class ninth grader Sonny Poe's big worry is starting high school without a girlfriend when in the midnight woods he witnesses a gruesome lynching. Everything after that changes for him. Traumatized by what he saw and the kindred feelings he has for a black family targeted by the KKK, he latches onto a sympathetic dentist for guidance. Doctor Joe, the title character, is a man with a crusading spirit and a tormented past who will turn Sonny’s and his own mysterious life upside down in this coming of age story of love, betrayal and corruption. Of the tension-fueled novel, Kirkus Reviews says it's "full of nuance … engrossing, profound," a fiction of real events and real lives that can only end in tragedy—and hope.



"Highly entertaining … An engaging mystery. Argo richly fleshes out his characters, and they show plenty of heart ... Readers will enjoy the huge, unexpected plot twists."

— Kirkus Reviews

Winner of the 2016 Library Journal Indie Ebook Award in Mystery.


A gritty thriller inspired by true events! When crime reporter Ray Myers stumbles upon the massacre of six illegal migrants in the California desert, he discovers evidence they transported babies--babies gone missing.


Driven by his reporter's nose for a good story plus unsolved haunts from a dark past, Myers infiltrates the underworld of human trafficking where he teams up with an unlikely partner in Maggie Frazier, a compassionate member of the misfit smuggling ring that lately has turned on Maggie and wants Myers also to disappear. Things become complex and dangerous for both as their search leads them into a mysterious underground in Mexico for answers.


Tragedy and suspense pursue them both through the seamy streets of Ensenada and into the hands of the ruthless traffickers who think of the precious babies as mere "cargo" for sale to the highest bidder.


"Argo is a convincing writer who knows his material and delivers it with perfection. Baby Love, its blending of plot, character and place, shows he's a top notch composer in the thriller genre. Read it."

--Gene Riehl, bestselling author of Quantico Rules



"SUPERB … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"—The San Diego Union, Publishers Weekly, Booklist ...

Acclaimed as one of the most important novels of Vietnam, Year of the Monkey is the gripping story of two American soldiers at war trapped in a web of corruption and betrayal during the shattering Tet Offensive of 1968.


Journalist Russ Payne's cushy assignment abruptly ends when a wild, tormented grunt named Willingham is reassigned inexplicably to his rear post after an ambush that left everyone else in Willingham's unit dead. Ordered to befriend Willingham as part of a secret CIA investigation into corrupt body-count numbers, Payne begins an unwitting odyssey into the heart of a war-torn jungle where he helplessly watches a childhood friend die, comes to love a woman who's Viet Cong and winds up facing court-martial for murder.


In stunning scenes of combat and intrigue, we glean as in no other novel or movie the patch-quilt nature of the Vietnamese people and the murderous deceit of body count politics from the grunt's eye--on both sides.


"A swiftly paced psychological thriller by a master storyteller … a riveting piece of deftly woven fiction …Highly recommended."—The Midwest Book Review

A girl molested ... A father murdered …A killer on the loose.

Young UCSD grad Janice Parrish is jailed for killing the father she loved. When crime reporter Ray Myers tries to prove her innocence, both become the hunted in a mind-twisting pursuit for revenge by a psychopathic killer. Janice Parrish had plenty reason to hate her father after recalling the horrible memories of the sexual abuse as a child. But even as she's booked on murder charges, she knows there was someone else at his house that night. So begins Janice's dark journey through a tortuous psychological wasteland of false memory and real murder. In a race against time to save Janice, Myers must stop the stalking psychopath whose murder spree has only begun.


"A gripping, masterfully told story." – Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, author of The Myth of Repressed Memory

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