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After a young woman reads The Courage to Heal, she recovers her childhood sexual abuse memories … Are they real?

Cover designed by Renato Prete


 "One of the reasons Ron Argo's writing stings is his journalistic delineation of every aspect of his writing: these are not only characters that he has constructed, these are also maladies of a world inept at coping with mental states we cannot understand and thus avoid. For those who love thriller novels, The Courage to Kill is a must read. For those who care to venture into unknown psychological dysfunction, pay very close attention here." Dr. Grady Harp, Poet, war veteran, humanitarian


 A father murdered … A daughter accused … A killer on the loose …

Young UCSD grad Janice Parrish is jailed for killing the father she loved. When crime reporter Ray Myers tries to prove her innocence, both become the hunted in a mind-twisting pursuit for revenge by a psychopathic killer.
Janice Parrish had plenty of reason to hate her father after recalling the horrible memories of the sexual abuse as a child. But even as she's booked on murder charges, she knows there was someone else at his house that night. So begins Janice's dark journey through a tortuous psychological wasteland of false memory and real murder.

In a race against time to save Janice, Myers must stop the stalking psychopath whose murder spree has only begun.
After Myers writes an inflammatory article against the young woman's therapist, he finds himself in the role of protector to the tormented suspect—who has barely recovered from her early memories of abuse, and who claims to have no memory of killing her father.

This fast-paced thriller illuminates an important aspect of psychology—the malleability of repressed memory and the destructive type of therapy known as Recovered Memory Therapy, the most controversial subject to impact the mental health profession since Freud.

The Courage to Kill, probes the dark mazes of memories, of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, betrayal, and serial violence.



"In THE COURAGE TO KILL, author Ron Argo once again demonstrates and documents himself as a master storyteller with this swiftly paced psychological thriller that will hold and keep the reader’s rapt attention from first page to last. A riveting piece of deftly woven fiction as real as today’s newspaper headlines. THE COURAGE TO KILL is highly recommended." -- Jack Mason, The Midwest Book Review

"A gripping, masterfully told story where the 'repressed memory wars' find their way into a murder mystery. You'll be captivated by Argo's novel, and surprised by its ending." — Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor UC Irvine and author of Eyewitness Testimony and The Myth of Repressed Memory

"A compelling thriller with heart-gripping suspense from a writer at the top of his craft." -- Ron Terpening, author of League of Shadows and Nine Days in October

"The quality of a classic thriller … "-- Ken Kuhlken, mystery author of The Loud Adios